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Reading: The Value Creation Determinants of the Global Software Engineering Industry


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The Value Creation Determinants of the Global Software Engineering Industry


M. A. S. C. Manamendra ,

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, GB
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H. M. R. P. Herath

University of Kelaniya, LK
About H. M. R. P.
Senior Lecturer
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Every requirement in the software application does not add value to the end users equally where the stakeholders are benefited through them. Majority of the current software engineering practices are formed and done in a value neutral way. With the recent demand for the global software engineering, many organizations have decided to either initiate their own technology centers in the low-cost countries or to partner with outsourced companies to get the benefits of it. However, the practitioners tried applying the traditional software development processes without a proper customization of them to best suit for the distributed teams. Due to the nature of this industry, those traditional processes have further eroded the value with unnecessary checkpoints and gates. This research therefore was carried out to identify the value creation dimensions and their influence creating value with special reference the global software engineering industry. For that, a systematic literature review was carried out and findings were categorized to five areas based on the research questions. They are benefit realization in the delivery process, eliciting and reconciling the requirements for stakeholder value proposition, business case analysis against the business processes, assessment of the value, risk, and opportunity through the frameworks and finally value based monitoring and control through the software development methodology. Mapping the development processes against these areas can change the value addition on the global software engineering industry.
How to Cite: Manamendra, M.A.S.C. and Herath, H.M.R.P., 2021. The Value Creation Determinants of the Global Software Engineering Industry. Sri Lanka Journal of Marketing, 7(3), pp.48–71. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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